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Is your business really growing?

It's hard to keep up with everything! What are your numbers showing? Do you have the right numbers? Do you have a system in place to gather and track those numbers? Does the system complement and helps improve your business processes? How do you know?

Even the most successful businesses need to keep a pulse on what is happening and how it is happening at all levels of the company. Furthermore, these different levels must coordinate to continue achieving success even in light of challenges that arise during the normal course of business. As an entrepreneur or business owner/manager, you understand how critical it is to have clear communication and coordination in each aspect of your business. But, how can you best ensure to surmount the obstacles that can stagnate your business with the "same ol', same ol'?" Do you know if you are stagnating? How do you know if what you have done thus far has made a significant positive impact?

Learning how to implement changes, especially technological changes, to better control critical business processes leads to quicker, more targeted improvements at all levels in your company. Employees feel they're in better control of what they do for your company and your customers. You feel better that you have greater control without having to be a "helicopter micro-manager." Plus, your customers experience greater value from your business with quicker, more focused responses. With the right changes in the right places in the right way, every aspect of your business will experience continued, trackable success, from employees to management to customers!

Deposit good for 5 years!

Pay it now and the deposit is held on your account for five (5) years! It applies to tuition whenever you enroll...up to 5 years!

Benefits for You, Your Team, and Your Customers

Get these on your tool belt. Would your business grow with any of these?

  • Tools in place for better communication amongst team members
  • More productive teams
  • Innovated company culture focused on growth and involvement
  • Better assess growth of your business
  • Align action with business goals
  • Ability to monitor growth and address trouble spots before issues arise
  • Greater team focus
  • Ability to deliver better customer service

Bonuses Included

You and your team will get these bonuses with enrollment and participation in the course.

  • Free 5-user license of SeedCode Complete ($1,299 value)
  • Free The One Thing book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan ($15.97 value)
  • Discount on plugins from 360works (Up to $299 value)
  • Lifetime access to online course resources ($997 value)
  • LIVE only - Lifetime membership in Empower Your Awesome Mastermind Group (priceless)


You're guaranteed to gain knowledge and techniques for creating and maintaining a team that's crushin' it every day! And, class materials will be yours to keep forever, plus you will get lifetime access to the online course materials for future review and reference.

P. S.

Guaranteed to learn a simple 4-step iterative process to implement the most positively impactful technological changes that help with tracking business processes and making decisions that grow your business. Pair this class with the other classes offered, especially the upcoming Taming the Dragon course, to build your company's other facets to crush it every day!

Pricing / Investment

The value of tracking and improving your team and processes is in itself priceless. Here's how you can get in on the knowledge to really know if your business is growing.

  • Standard enrollment: $6997 (after official launch)
  • Paid-in-full (after official launch): $5997
  • General payment plan (after official launch): three (3) payments of $1997 each
  • PRE-LAUNCH Special (paid-in-full - choice of LIVE or Self-paced): $2997
  • PRE-LAUNCH Deposit (course access granted when balance of tuition paid): $497

Business Data Coach

Raf Batista

Hi, I'm Raf. Over 20 years ago, I began a journey into entrepreneurship along with other family members. We put our strengths together and offered a combination of services that included database consultation, web development, marketing services, and graphic design. I have worked with many clients in multiple industries. During this time, a common set of needs began to become clear. Every client needed help improving their business practices and approach, especially when it came to managing their data. This set a new heading in my life to assist other entrepreneurs and businesses to make more money by grabbing control of their data and making it work for them.

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