Team Crushin' It!

Have your team crushin' it every day! | taught by Raf Batista
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Raf Batista
Raf Batista
Business Data Coach

About the instructor

Hi, I'm Raf. Over 20 years ago, I began a journey into entrepreneurship along with other family members. We put our strengths together and offered a combination of services that included database consultation, web development, marketing services, and graphic design. I have worked with many clients in multiple industries. During this time, a common set of needs began to become clear. Every client needed help improving their business practices and approach, especially when it came to managing their data. This set a new heading in my life to assist other entrepreneurs and businesses to make more money by grabbing control of their data and making it work for them.

Is your team crushin' It?

Every day? Are things going smoothly, or is communication within your team reaching its limits? Is there a regular sense of confidence or frustration in your team? Does your team feel inspired to succeed or pressured to perform?

When communication within a team is hampered, it makes your team feel frustrated and pressured to perform to complete tasks. This can lead to loss of valuable time for the team and its members. Important team tasks and focus can suffer leading to lower productivity, massively missed deadlines, loss of client confidence, and possible loss of future client work.

Learning how to improve communication amongst team members can create a smoother team workflow and a more purposeful company culture. This will also lead to greater innovation and creativity in the team, its members, and its outcomes. All leading to team success, project success, and ultimately client/stakeholder success.

Benefits for You and Your Team

Get these under your belt during and after taking this course. Would your team benefit from any of these?

  • Better communication amongst team members
  • Create a more purposeful company culture
  • Concentrate on team communication ad ethics instead of just skillsets
  • Better assess and enrich your team members
  • Align your team's goals and objectives at both individual member and team levels
  • Keep your team focused using techniques from The One Thing
  • Learn about them evolution
  • Assess how you and your team communicate and respond in the work team environment
  • Have your team feel inspired to work
  • Conduct better team meetings

Bonuses Included

You and your team will get these bonuses with enrollment and participation in the course.

  • Free Extended DISC assessment for yourself
  • Free The One Thing book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
  • Free 4-1-1 Worksheet from and knowledge of how to use it
  • Lifetime access to online course materials


You're guaranteed to gain knowledge and techniques for creating and maintaining a team that's crushin' it every day! And, class materials will be yours to keep forever, plus you will get lifetime access to the online course materials for future review and reference.

P. S.

Building a team that's crushin' it every day is just one step to getting your entire company rockin' it every day. Pair this class with our other offerings, especially our Taming the Beast course, to build your company's other facets to crush it every day!

Pricing / Investment

The value of a team that's crushin' it every day is in itself priceless. Here's how you can get in on the knowledge to kick it up a notch.

  • Standard enrollment: $997, on special for $497
  • Paid-in-full: $497
  • General payment plan: two (2) payments of $297 each
  • PRE-LAUNCH Special: $97

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