Grow Your Business with FileMaker: The Class - Early Bird

Get Control of Your Data in 4 Steps | taught by Raf Batista
Raf Batista
Raf Batista
Business Data Coach

About the Instructor

Hi, I'm Raf. Over 20 years ago, I began a journey into entrepreneurship along with other family members. We put our strengths together and offered a combination of services that included database consultation, web development, marketing services, and graphic design. I have worked with many clients in multiple industries. During this time, a common set of needs began to become clear. Every client needed help improving their business practices and approach, especially when it came to managing their data. This set a new heading in my life to assist other entrepreneurs and businesses to make more money by grabbing control of their data and making it work for them.

Raf Batista

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Official Course Description for The Class:

Do you find yourself or your business, team, department, or group drowning in lots of data?
Is your data too far and wide to make sense of it all?
Would you like all that data to work for you?
Do you want to know where and how to get control of your data?
Would you like to get tools to get started right away and get the most from your data?

Answering, "Yes," to any of these questions means you have come to the right place!

This course is geared towards all of you who own your own business or are part of an organization, department, or team and are looking to:

  • Get control of your data
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve workplace interaction and culture
  • Fine tune business practices
  • Ultimately provide better customer service
  • Get results

The Class begins with an introduction to FileMaker Pro, the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective tool to use and create a robust solution/app to run your business from start-up to well-established. For those already familiar with FileMaker Pro, the class lets you dive right in from the first week working with your current business practices. For those not yet familiar, there is a quick introduction and explanation of FileMaker before you dive in. Each subsequent week, you will focus on one of four steps and work on hands-on assignments using tools included with the course and your own resources. At the end of the course, you will have had experience with organizing, managing and improving your own business practices, and will have the tools from the course to continue iterating the steps to grow your business.

These are the primary course outcomes for Grow Your Business with FileMaker: The Class.

  1. Create and manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  2. Learn and utilize techniques for conducting effective meetings, including formulating effective agendas, devising objectives, delegating tasks, and organizing meeting minutes
  3. Learn general steps of software development lifecycle (SDLC), with a concentration on communication before, during and after development of the solution/app
  4. Determine most important data to track to monitor effectiveness of businss practices (SOPs) and the solution/app(s) deployed for them

As a student, you will be introduced to the concepts of the course in the first module and will be given the assignment to gather their business information, including business practices and policies. A set of prioritized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is then formulated to focus on those with the most important issues to address with a possible solution/app. Once the most important issue is determined, the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is discussed with an emphasis on communication during and after development and deployment. Lastly, important data is gathered and charted to monitor the effectiveness of the solution/app.

Modern systems allow the easy capture of a lot of data even during routine tasks. Getting control of all that data can be daunting, especially if it covers a large period of time. It is important to know the steps to gain and keep control of all your data. It is there to help you grow both yourself and your business. Take the next step and make your data work for you!

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Course Contents

14 Texts
20.0 hrs